DuckArmy is a P2E NFT game tailored to the needs of users looking for an enjoyable gaming experience. DuckArmy powered by PancakePoll will bring overwhelming admiration and the opportunity to gain huge crypto yields for each user!

DuckArmy will be a Play-to-Earn NFT game with a new revolutionary way of rewarding its users whereby the winnings will be distributed in QUACK, PPOLL, BNB, and other tokens.

The game will be deployed on the Binance Smart Chain and will be compatible with web3 wallets such as MetaMask. The major asset of the game will be DuckArmy NFT. Giving a chance to participate in the game. DuckArmy will be user-owned NFTs minted using the ERC-721 standard. These NFTs can be either traded on Marketplace or sent to another wallet just like a regular transfer.

The key points of the game are :

  • Multi Reward Pool: users will get rewards in multiple tokens: PPOLL, QUACK, BNB, and other tokens in the future.

  • High APRs: play the main game and benefit from APRs of up to 4000%

  • TBA

How Will DuckArmy NFT World Benefit PancakePoll?

  • New Users

GameFi is on a rise right now attracting hundreds of thousands of users daily thereby attracting a lot of new users to the PancakePoll platform.

  • Utility for PPOLL token

Due to the fact that PPOLL will be the main token of the game, this will in turn stimulate the demand for the token potentially increasing its value and the trading volume.

  • Boost in the Trading Volume

There are only ways to boost a duck with EXP. The first way is to buy EXP using QUACK.

  • More PPOLL Holders

In order to take part in the game, a user is required to have a certain amount of PPOLL tokens to get a high Chance in the voting process.

  • New Burning Mechanisms

A certain percentage from every purchase on the DuckArmy NFT platform will be allocated for burning, hence adding another layer of burning mechanisms for the PPOLL token. Additionally, all the sales of these NFTs on Marketplace will be accompanied by a royalty fee accounting for 1%. This commission will be allocated for burning.

  • Increased Traffic & Trading Volume on NFT Marketplace

Both Egg and Duck can be sold on NFT Marketplace which will potentially increase the trading volume of the marketplace.

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